‘for every child, we listen’ TV Programme
6 Aug - TV Programme Introduction
6 AUG 2022 - Online Briefing for the TV Programme

Further to popular‘for every child, we listen’ Radio Programme, UNICEF HK and RTHK also co-produced a new TV Programme that acts as a participation platform for children and teenagers. The Briefing introduced details of TV programme in a relaxing manner and invited children to participate in the programme.

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19 OCT 2022 – Airing of 1st Episode

Eating is quintessential to children's growth. Hong Kong is an affluent city with so many food choices on offer. In fact, over 3,350 tonnes of leftovers food which accounts for one-third of local landfill waste are produced everyday. How do our next generation think about food? How will they reduce wastes in their daily lives?

TV Programme_共融遊樂場1
26 OCT 2022 – Airing of 2nd Episode

Playground holds a special place in everyone’s childhood memory. UNICEF HK advocates that every child should have at least 1-hour free play time every day. Playing games can develop children’s minds, it is essential to early childhood’s development. How do children feel about playgrounds? Do they think the facilities have satisfied their needs?

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2 NOV 2022 – Airing of 3rd Episode

Students spend most of their school lives in campus. Innovative school design shall incorporate sustainable development concept, provide more recreational and themed spaces, and even change ambiance of classrooms. How do students think of their school environment now? What are their needs? What are their imaginations of a perfect school campus?

TV Programme_EP4《做一個考古學家》2.3
9 NOV 2022 – Airing of 4th Episode

Have you ever written essay about “My Dream” when you were young? Dreams may motivate children to keep learning and make the dream comes true. Apart from school lessons, how can they explore their dreams? How can they learn knowledge related to their dreams?

TV Programme EP5《吸啖新鮮空氣》2.8
16 NOV 2022 - Airing of 5th Episode

Urban air quality is getting worse, and there is no escape from its impacts whether we are indoor or outdoor. The United Nations has raised 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and one of them aims to reduce impact to human caused by air pollution. Are they aware of air pollution issue? What are the impacts on them?

23 NOV 2022 - Airing of 6th Episode

Hong Kong is a vibrant city with beautiful natures and rich ecosystems. There are many conservation zones and parks to protect our biodiversity, such as Mai Po Nature Reserve, Geopark and different kinds of museum. How can children care about the nature? Do they think Hong Kong has sufficient conservation related amenities?

30 NOV 2022 - Airing of 7th Episode

The government promotes creative culture to foster sustainable development of Hong Kong. Children are endowed with creative minds. How can our children apply creative ideas to make lives more enjoyable? What can they do to help others? 

7 DEC 2022 - Airing of 8th Episode

Adolescence is the time to start planning for the future. Decisions such as choosing subjects in secondary schools and university are related to one's future career path. How do youngsters explore their dream career? What will they do to achieve their goals?