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Launched by UNICEF HK in 2007, UNICEF Club strives to provide students with a diversified training platform. Students can fulfill the responsibility of being global citizens through learning about and advocating for the global children's rights situation. There is no restriction in setting up a UNICEF Club. We encourage students to take leadership roles by forming executive committees, organizing school activities and engaging in volunteer work to become young leaders advocating for children's rights.


Role of UNICEF Club

  • Organize self-initiated school activities for promoting children's rights
  • Join UNICEF HK's trainings and education programmes
  • Volunteer for UNICEF HK's events


Benefits for taking part in UNICEF Club

  • Learn about and engage in the affairs related to UNICEF's work, child rights' issue and 17 Global Goals
  • Through organizing campus activities, equipped students with the capacity of project management and organizational skills for being global citizens and youth leaders contributing to society


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