"Parallel Homeniverse"GenAction Project of UNICEF Young Envoys 2021

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GenAction Project "Parallel Homeiverse" was initiated and implemented by Young Envoys 2021. Through a series of activities, including surveys, mini film production, visits to other civil society organizations, as well as an online interactive seminar. Young Envoys explored the 'Digital Inequality in Hong Kong's Education'.



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Data Analysis Report - Digital Inequality in Hong Kong' s Education


Microfilm ‘Re: September 1st’

It is about a conceited high school student, Tom, who has found himself stuck in a time loop. During online classes, he kept making fun of his classmates for having a messy background. As punishment for his arrogance, he was trapped in a repeating time loop. He kept being set back in time to encounter various unexpected situations during online lessons. After experiencing these misfortunes firsthand, he finally understood the difficulties of students affected by digital inequality.


Young Envoys hope to portray the challenges of digital inequality facing local students, and encourage stakeholders to help alleviate the problem by lending a helping hand and showing care to those in need.