“Take My Voice” – Children Listening Project

“Take My Voice” – Children Listening Project


“Take My Voice” – Children Listening Project is a youth-initiated project that aims at collecting the views of children of Hong Kong on their childhood and children’s rights in Hong Kong. It provides a direct channel for children to express their opinion.

To this end, we have trained 19 young people who are passionate in children's rights and children's participation to become facilitators in late 2018. From January to April 2019, the faciltiators led 9 children listening workshops in the community centres and schools across Hong Kong to collect views of children in a direct but interesting way. Through games, chit-chat and drawing sessions, we collected views of children on issues such as their relationship with family, their learning in school, their friendship with peers and their thoughts on the community they live in.


The views collected will contribute to our future advocacy work, and we will find appropriate opportunities to channel those views to relevant stakeholders so that more will know about the life and childhood of the children of Hong Kong


The Timeline : 




Workshop 1

20 Oct 2018

-       Understanding to the Workshop and the Role of Facilitator

-       Children Rights Education, Advocacy, and UNICEF Strategic Plan

Workshop 2

03 Nov 2018

-       Fundamental Child Psychology

-       Facilitation and Discussion Leading Skills

-       Handling Children’s Emotion

Workshop 3

01 Dec 2018

Workshop 4

15 Dec 2018

-       The Methodology of Collecting Opinion

-       Preparation of the Practicum Session

Practicum Session

Jan 2019

Practicum Session

Listening Projects

Jan – April 2019

Gathering of children’s opinions in the community or school


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