Y-Innovator! Challenge

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The Y-Innovator! Challenge (the Y-Innovator!), organized by Innovation Lab - a youth incubators platform supported by UNICEF HK, aims to unleash young people's creativity and potential in solution-focused innovation. The Y-Innovator! would like to empower and encourage local youth to generate non-traditional ideas, develop practical solutions and deepen understanding on social issues related to children and youth development. 



You will

  • Equip with innovative mind, problem-solving and solution focus thinking
  • Deepen understanding on local and regional issues related to children and youth development
  • Interact or even team up with youth from the Pacific Islands
  • Interact with experienced and professional mentors and speakers from different sectors, e.g. business, social services, entrepreneurship, etc.


Key Activities 

  • Pre-bootcamp Workshop: Orientation and Design Thinking
  • 2-day Bootcamp with case study, mentorship, career-related skill building and learning opportunities
  • Pitching Day
  • Advance Training & Prototyping (for shortlisted teams only)
  • Showcase & Judging (for shortlisted teams only)



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