[Recruitment Notice] Sub-committees for Innovation Lab

Establishment of Sub-committees
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UNICEF HK Innovation Lab (The Lab) would like to recruit members of the Lab and alumni of our youth programmes (e.g. Young Envoys Programme, UNICEF Club, Voices of Youth) to set up two sub-committees on Membership & Internal Affairs and Child Participation & Advocacy in 2020. Each sub-committee consists of 6-10 members; sub-committee members will have to develop an Annual Plan, conduct regular meetings and work with each other throughout the year, and submit an Annual Report by the end of the term. The Chairperson of each sub-committee will be elected at the first meeting, and other roles will be defined together with members of the sub-committees.


If you are interested, please fill in the Application Form on or before 3 Jan 2020. The selection is mainly based on your past experience/ contribution to UNICEF HK and the goals you aim to achieve as part of the sub-committee. We might contact you for a phone interview in early January to know more about you. Please find the details of the sub-committees and the timeline below:


Sub-committee Objective Scope of work Term of office
Membership & Internal Affairs To promote relationships between members of the Lab, alumni of youth programmes and UNICEF HK
  • To propose and organize social activities for members throughout the year
  • To develop engagement journey for alumni
Jan to Dec 2020
Child Participation & Advocacy To promote children's rights and child participation
  • To advocate children's right via attending CMAB's children rights forum and youth/public forums organized by other stakeholders
  • To initiate regular child related survey or other project
Jan to Dec 2020
Communication & Creative Content  To promote UNICEF's work and youth voices in creative way
  • To create social media and offline contents appealing to youth
  • To manage regular updates for GenAction's social media platform and website
Programme & Training To enhance quality of youth programmes and trainings
  • Evaluate existing youth programmes and training
  • Provide suggestions on programme design
  • Initiate and organize workshops
Other sub-committees If you have other ideas in mind, feel free to share with us TBC








3 Jan (Fri)

Application Deadline

4 Jan – 12 Jan

Phone interview (timeslots will be arranged later)

14 Jan (Tue)

Announcement of results

15 Jan – 6 Feb

First meeting of sub-com shall be held within this period

7 Feb (Fri)

Deadline for Annual Plan & Annual Budget

Feb – Dec

Implementation of plan


Mid-term Evaluation


Annual Evaluation


Remarks: Only members of the Lab are eligible for the sub-committees. If you are not a member yet, please fill in the Membership Application Form.

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