2018 青年使者分享 Sharing of Young Envoys 2018
By 青年使者 Young Envoys 2018 
08 Apr 2021

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在考察團中內最令我難忘的莫過於踏著昭覺縣的雲霧,走進兩個家庭,與他們聊天。在談話中,我了解到聯合國兒童基金會在中國的工作,與項目在內地實施的情況。如有條件現金轉移計劃 ,一步步帶領著婦女,在妥善的照顧下,生下健康的寶寶,從而灌輸她們孕前檢查的重要性,自我保護意識與認知等。





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It has been an amazing journey to have met people who share the same passion, forged friendship and did things I thought I would never be able to do. It was a very eye-opening experience, including the topics we were given chance to investigate, incorporating our creativity into projects, stepping out to express our views to the community and even seeing beyond Hong Kong. We have been given chances to see for ourselves, observe and listen from different angles and think deeply.


Children's rights are not as far as it might have seemed to us. The Young Envoys Programme has given me a platform and chance to share my opinions and experiences with different people, including my friends, children and society. I felt that my voice is heard and respected, as well as giving back to the society at the same time.



Self Photos / Files - Picture18        許嘉詠 Heidi


Being inspired by this programme, I have grown my attitude changed. None of us gets through life without a hitch. We must meet obstacles on the roadways where we are walking. I became positive and faced the challenges bravely with a heartfelt smile. Being happy is a payback for ourselves and a respect for work. 


I realized I still have much to learn and I believe that more opportunities to help people in need can help further improve myself. I am looking forward to exploring the new challenges and playing a full part in UNICEF.



Self Photos / Files - Picture19 (1)        黃伊穎 Erin


The trip to Sichuan has nevertheless marked a perfect ending for the intensive yet Eye-widening program, but I will never bid farewell to my passion for advocating Children's rights.


As I am now officially appointed as a Young Envoy after a year of training, I am well-prepared to embark on the ambitious journey of contributing back to society through advocating children's rights in the future.