Visiting Care Corner Orphanage
By Mars Lee - Young Envoy 2018 
12 Aug 2019

Most of us may take our parents for granted, however, for some unfortunate children, they may not have the chance to meet them. Some orphans are abandoned by their parents due to various reasons, ranging from economic, health and personal concerns. Orphanages are like a gleam of hope for orphans, where accommodations, food, education, and necessities are given. This kind of places can help children to escape from their traumas and provide a nurturing environment for them to spend their childhood.


In December 2017, I have gone to a Chiang Mai Orphanage named "Care Corner Orphanage". They provide shelter for orphans whom parents are unable to raise them due to different reasons. As a foreigner, we have introduced several different activities and formed a strong bond with the orphans throughout the 6-day trip.


House building

House construction for orphans



One of our very first tasks was to build a house for the orphans from scratch. We were instructed by an experienced constructor to build a house by the following process: Cementing, gluing and setting. To be honest, it was a very challenging task physically and mentally. However, the thought of offering orphans a shelter to live kept me motivated to continue our task. In the end, we managed to construct a framework for the building and I couldn't feel prouder. When the orphans saw the building, their eyes were glimmering along with their splendid smile. This made me realize that all my effort were not going to waste.


Ice Skating

Orphans skating on sledges



On the third day of our visit, Care Corner Orphanage arranged an ice-skating session for us and the orphans. Many of the orphans had never learned ice-skating before, and they were terrified once they stepped on the skating court. As a mentor and a friend, I felt obligated to ensure that they were secure and having fun at the same time. Therefore, I have approached few of the orphans and assisted them by holding their hand while skating. They felt reluctant at first, but soon a gleeful smile radiated on their faces. The skating court was then filled with laughter and exaltation, and both us and the orphans had engraved this memory on our mind.


The Suprise

Firework suprise events at night before departure



In the night before our departure, Care Corner Orphanage had organized a surprise for us. We gathered on their playground, and out of the blue, a shot of firework thrusted and bloomed on the sky. The organisers then gave us sparklers and firework launchers. We were startled at first, but afterward, we celebrated the evening under the sky filled with colors. In retrospect, I think this night was like the relationship between us and the orphans. Our arrival enlightened their lives from darkness, but their presence also sparked our lives as well. In merely one week of time, we have developed a sense of companionship that is unbreakable, and it was heartbreaking to say goodbye.



It has been a remarkable experience that will forever engrave in my heart. Knowing how privileged I am, I have learned to become more grateful and embrace my surroundings and others.


As a UNICEF Young Envoy, this trip has made me realize the importance of children's right. Children's right ensure sustainability for children by providing legislation protection and a guideline to adhere. As in this trip, children's rights provide the orphans a home that allows them to thrive and walk out of the shadows of abandonment. For instance, orphans in Care Corner Orphanage are given a chance to be educated and well nourished through the installation of children's right. This ensures that these orphans are able to become the future pillars of our society.


It is our responsibility to assure every children's childhood is free from harm. In Hong Kong, many children are undergoing similar problems. Many children are currently living in cramped spaces and lacked access to quality education. They were deprived of the basal needs to a healthy childhood. You can take part in protecting children's right by advocating, and also supporting UNICEF by donating and joining our events.


Through collaboration and protection, I believe that every child is able to actualize themselves and unleash their full potential as they are growing up.